🍪 A Sweet Treat for You | Bulletin #90

This week: cozy chronicles ❄️ powered paws 🐾 and our London debut 🖼️

📍 Antarctica 📸 Marjorie Becker

Antarctica has two national holidays. ‘Midwinter’ happens on the shortest day of the year and is a celebration for researchers during the extra cold and extra dark winter months. The other holiday, Antarctica Day, takes place on December 1st and is celebrated around the world commemorating the 1959 treaty that designated the chilly continent as a global scientific preserve.

Fittingly, it’s been 365 days since we landed on the shores of Antarctica so we celebrated by pulling out our favorite knit sweaters and getting nostalgic about our tuxedoed friends and legendary landscapes, though we can’t say we feel the same about the Drake Passage…


🍺 It’s Your Last Week to Enter Doggone it!
🍪 Community Cookies
🚃 Riding at an Incline
🐕‍🦺 A Real Paw Patrol


This is your final chance, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! It is the last round of questions and the last week to enter the Dogfish Head Giveaway. Someone’s getting a trip to Dexter’s favorite inn and it could be you. Just check below for this week’s round of questions to enter!


Knock Knock! AWA is making its IRL debut in London and new exhibit in Tokyo this winter. We were just in Tokyo meeting and greeting Community members, and now we will be planning our trip to the newest London Exhibition which opens its doors tomorrow. More details below.

In Case You Missed It

To celebrate the 35th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite protected places and conservation conversations:

🎥 The Boston Preservation Alliance Playlist
🎭 America’s Second Largest Theater District
🍰 Chocolate Cake and Conservation
🚴 The Streetscape Curator’s Quest for Preservation
🏠 Beantown’s Restored Relic


Hikarie Hall | Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo | Nov 25th - Dec 28th
We’re back in Japan with a new exhibition 🇯🇵 Featuring 300+ photographers, you’ll experience the world through AWA’s lens. Details here.


81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington | Opens Dec 8th
Our first European exhibition opens in London tomorrow! Immerse yourself in an IRL experience of AWA proportions. Details here.


Hotel Molitor | Paris, France | Nov 24, 2023- Jan 7, 2024
Our favorite Scottish AWA Ambassador will be presenting a new chapter in her Poolside series at the iconic Hotel Molitor. Details here.

From the Community

🕍 Architecture by DLR Group 🍪 Cookies by Rosie

No holiday season is complete without a good assortment of cheery cookies. And this year DLR Group took their cookie game to a whole new level. Thanks to the talented hands of Rosie who runs Oh! You Pretty Things, they’ve recreated the Renwick and PAFA building into a sugary delicious delight - though they were almost too pretty to nibble! Check out the full decorating process and get some next-level inspo for your future cookie party 🍪 

But wait, there’s more! Head over to DLR Group’s Instagram and see their pinned post to partake in an exciting (and tasty) giveaway 🎁

Rigi Railway 📍 Goldau, Switzerland 📸 Marjorie Becker

In the 19th Century, railroads began to take over the world as the foremost means of transportation. In mountainous Switzerland, more creative methods were needed than just laying down the track. With this bright red car leading the way, see how the Land of Milk and Honey brought railroads to record-breaking heights.

Sun Valley Ski Patrol 📍 Sun Valley, ID, USA 📸 Marjorie Becker

Puppies to the rescue!? Sure, this ski patrol has snowmobiles and a whole assortment of gadgets and gizmos to keep winter sport aficionados safe on the slopes. But their secret weapon against an avalanche might surprise you…

Welcome to the final week of our Delightful Discoveries Giveaway! Up for grabs is a stay at the Dogfish Inn, a Wes signed AWA Book, and a bunch of other goodies. Remember: Each round of questions you answer gets you another entry to win.

The final two questions are ready for your noggins. If you missed the previous week’s questions — or had no idea there were even queries to be answered — we got you covered 😉 you can find them all and get entered below. Good luck!