🛞 One Wheely Good Newsletter | Bulletin #101

This week: world's longest road 🛣️ back to Switzerland 🇨🇭 and peculiar bus stops 🍉

Playa La Mina Pisco 📍 Paracas, Peru 📸 Vincenzo Rizza

We’ve been roadtripping quite a lot this year, and it got us thinking “what’s the longest road in the world?” Just so happens we’ve been to where that road begins: at the “End of the World” in an Argentinian town known as Ushuaia. From there the Pan American Highway will take you on a 19,000mi (30,000km) drive north through 14 countries until you hit Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. For anyone planning the several month-long journey, we recommend renting an extra comfy vehicle and putting in your PTO requests now.


🤸‍♂️ Back to Europe’s Playground
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We couldn’t stay away from the Swiss Alps for long. At the end of May we’ll be heading back to explore a new collection of museums, railways, and hotels. Do you have any recommendations for spots you think we missed out on our last Adventure? Let us know by messaging us here - and while you’re at it, let us in on which Swiss chocolate bars we should stock up on 🍫

In Case You Missed It

As you may know, we’re big fans of train travel, but today we’re focusing in on the ONLY continent that has absolutely zero railroad tracks to speak of…

🚢 One ambitious Adventurer
🇦🇶 Itinerary for the 7th Continent
❄️ The loneliest waiting room
📮 BYO stamps

Watermelon Bus Stop 📍 Konagai, Japan 📸 Courtney Scheffler

Missed the bus? Don’t worry! One minute you’re running to catch it, the next you’re begrudgingly sitting for an undisclosed amount of time waiting for the next one. But with these unique bus shelters, you may want to miss your ride on purpose…

Carona Tunnel📍 Lugano, Switzerland 📸 Marjorie Becker

Once a postal service, now public transportation, the Swiss Postbus is an iconic image of Switzerland. Despite this bright yellow beauty’s ability to somehow make its way through tightly wound mountain roads, it also has a history that may be music to your ears…

From the Community

📸: @streetjaw, @pennaaspillo @lucivillain & @pineappletherescuepup

We had another Community Corner planned for this week, but you sent us so many amazing images of your pets that we couldn’t hoard them to ourselves. Above you’ll find a few of our favorites from a pup named pineapple dressed as a banana, to a Bernese Mountain Dog posing at the AWA London Exhibition and a fuzz ball holding down the fruit stand. Thanks a million for brightening up our inbox, so we hope this brightens up yours!

We hope you all were able to find at least one of the secret links last week ;) With almost 7,000 entries (🤯) we had to get our biggest hats to select last week’s winners. Interested to see if you won? Be sure to check your email or take a peek at the winner’s page.

If you missed out and forgot to open your email, don’t you worry, we’re back to our regularly scheduled mischief even if it’s just a singular hidden link. This week’s seekers will be in the line up to win an AWA Puzzle - Happy searching!