⏳ Oh, Would You Look at the Time! | Bulletin #96

This week: a leaping leap year 🐸 celebrating photographers 🤳 and stopping time 🕰️

Eastern Columbia Building 📍 Los Angeles, California 📸 Elizabeth Daniels

To accurately chart earth’s rotation around the sun, every four years an extra day is added to the end of February, marking a “leap year”. For those born on February 29th this creates quite a unique conundrum…

To honor our Community “Leaplings,” if you can send us proof that February 29th is your birthday, we’ll send you a special treat to mark the occasion. If we’re only counting your real birthdays, you are quite younger than you look! 😉


🛸 Next Stop: Nevada!
🧀 Best of Swiss Engineering
⏱️ When Time Stops
📸 An Ode to AWA Photographers


In just a couple weeks we will touch down in the Silver State with our friends at Travel Nevada. But before we traverse through Death Valley, we need your help mapping our trip, so send your suggestions our way. While holding your cards close at the poker table is wise, it isn’t as necessary when giving travel recs! 😉

In Case You Missed It

Since a leap day is rightfully quite the celebratory moment, we pooled a few resources to help ensure you the perfect leap day party!

💡 The More You Know About “Leap Day”
🥳 A Niche Birthday Song for Leaplings
🌍 Unique Celebrations Around the World


81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington | Open Now
Our favorite European Exhibition was just extended! Head over to South Kensington to see hundreds of photos from all seven continents. Get your tickets here. We hope you enjoy it!

Patek Philippe Museum 📍Geneva, Switzerland 📸 Marjorie Becker

How do you pronounce Patek Philippe? Well, on the corner of Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers and Rue du Colonel-Coutau, you’ll find the answer, and a whole lot more to watch. Home to the most complicated timepiece ever constructed, this Swiss collection is certainly worth your time….

Vienna Clock Museum 📍 Vienna, Austria 📸 Accidentally Wes Anderson

A clock that will run until the year 9999, a contentious collection of pocket watches, and more unique items to measure the passing of time than you can tick or tock at. The Clock Museum in Vienna was founded by a man with a lot of time on his hands…

From the Community

Credit to: @sooukdotcom, @yugenyoga.leek, @pennaaspillo, @marjoriebeckerphoto, @tomfake, & @campwandawega


Although the AWA Community of photographers come from all over the world, many of them made the trek to the UK to see their image on the halls and walls of our London Exhibition. We created a little collection of our amazing photographers seeing their work IRL…

What’s up for grabs this week, you may ask? Why, it’s a handy dandy AWA pocket notebook and a sticker (or two) to go with. Not a grand prize winner? Don’t fret- we’ll also be sending out single stickers to the runner-ups. With time flying let's get searching! ⏰