☎️ London's Calling | Bulletin #94

This week: submit your photos 📸 an uncommon stay 🛏️ and Japanese goodies 🍣

Buckingham Palace 📍 London, United Kingdom 📸 Scott Ball

Did you know the City of London is actually the smallest city in England? Only about 7,500 people live within the ancient heart of the British capital. What most people consider “London” is actually “Greater London.” Surrounding the original city, it’s home to 7.8 million and one of the world’s largest urban areas. A little geographical fun fact to kick off your Thursday 😉


✈️ Touching Down in Londontown
🏛️ Peeping Architectural Wonders
🏨 Food Fights to Academic Excellence
🎌 From Japan, With Love


Last week, Team AWA took a trip over the pond to welcome 100 of you to an event at the AWA Exhibition in London. We had an absolutely smashing time sharing stories, sipping teeny martinis, and answering all your questions during the panel discussion. We even unveiled 6 brand new images in the gallery selected from submissions from AWA-exhibition goers! Our friend Fab put together a little video recap of the event below.


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In Case You Missed It

The world is chock full of amazing architectural wonders, and we have the pleasure of appreciating them every day thanks to your submissions! Have a masterpiece we haven’t highlighted yet? Submit here to let us know what we’re missing! In the meantime, check out some of these daringly designed places for inspiration:

🚪 A Cliff-side Doorway
🧔‍♂️ The Magic of Facial Hair Ventilation
🔟 Theatres? This The Only Ten We See
👑 A University Fit for a King


81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington | Open Now
Our first full-scale European exhibition is off to the races in London! Immerse yourself in an IRL experience of AWA proportions. Not enough to convince you to visit? Don’t take our word for it, the reviews speak for themselves! Details here.

From the Community

Credit to: @schmurkov, @gaborestefan, @justinrhernandez, @scottcanshoot


We asked for Architectural Wonders and you have not disappointed! Our friends at DLR Group will be the final judges on who will be featured on the feed and added to our newest Architectural Wonders Collection, but you are certainly not making it easy! Peep the current staff favs - all 5 paws according to Dexter.

Vanguard Hotel 📍 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 📸 DLR Group

“Food fight!” The chiming of chapel bells every morning in the the 1870s of Ann Arbor, Michigan didn’t mark the beginning of restive meditation and prayer, but rather an unruly procession of students throwing food at one another. (An unusual sort of prayer, I guess you could say). This and other uncouth manners would be reigned in by one dedicated academic who would change the course of the University of Michigan with his determination to create “an uncommon education for the common man”… 

We loved our Tokyo Exhibition so much we just had to share some of the love! This week we’re giving away goodies from Japan 🇯🇵 These items we scooped up from the AWA Tokyo Gift Shop cannot be found anywhere else (not even for sale in our own shop 👀) Now get searching! Arigato, Adventurers!