🎂 Happy 100th To Us | Bulletin 100

This Week: 100 prizes 🎉 to celebrate this milestone

Dundee Courier 📍 London, UK 📸 Tom Over

Though we can’t pinpoint when the world’s first newsletter was released, people have been sharing written updates with one another for millennia. From town criers making public pronouncements to early Roman periodicals chiseled into stone, bulletins have been bringing people important information, good gossip, and storytelling for generations.

Our AWA Bulletin may not be as old as some of the aforementioned chronicles, but today marks a big milestone: 100 Dispatches! A huge thank you to all of our Super Adventurers who have tuned in every other week for nearly four years. You’ve been the first to learn about our big announcements, our blunders (like accidentally sending out a dispatch twice - oops!), and much more. So let’s continue the streak and hop into how we’re celebrating this momentous occasion, you won’t want to miss this one…


🥳 100 PRIZES (seriously!)
📚 Our top story picks
🕵️ Super Secret sneak peek
🎧 Something for your ears


Last week we made a very special announcement that our second book is coming to bookshelves near you! 200 brand new, mind-bendingly beautiful locations from all over the world, and deep dive long-form Adventure stories from every continent. We worked with 160 photographers for more than 2 years to put this together, and it is currently available for preorder! (PS: every preorder helps our tiny team immensely - so if you can consider ordering a copy we will love you five-ever! 🖐️)


What’s a celebration without some presents to go along with it? We’ve got 100 prizes up for grabs in this week’s bulletin. (You read that right! One-hundo prizes). Just by opening this email you’ve already been entered to win some small prizes, but we’ve got some big ones hidden amongst five secret links that are hidden throughout this very special dispatch.


5x AWA The Book - Signed by Wes
5x AWA The Postcard Book - Signed by Wes
5x Asteroid City Posters - Also Signed by Wes
5x Asteroid City Goodie Bundles
20x Dodfish Head Adventure Patches
10x Tickets to the LA Exhibition
10x Tickets to the London Exhibition
10x Tokyo Merch Goodie Bags
20x OG AWA Stickers
5x AWA Book/Postcard/Puzzle Bundle
5x Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Books

 (Not sure what a secret link is? Check out this link for more info on what to keep your eye out for)

Our tiny team of four got together and each chose our favorite Bulletin dispatch story from the hundreds we’ve shared over the past four years, from peculiar traditions to book slinging gentlemen, we hope you enjoy! 


After 42 years of teaching, Antonio La Cava began to worry that the younger generation wasn’t engaging with books enough. But instead of nagging, he took to an unconventional and highly mobile method of bringing books directly to his community…


All Souls College, the most exclusive college in the world, where candidates will only be considered if they can pass the hardest exam in the world with the most flying of colors — all for the once-in-a-century chance to parade around, carrying a duck on a stick…


Sitting a mile above sea level it might be hard to imagine how Denver’s first legal bar connects to water bound cruise liner, but this windowless watering hole holds a few secrets among its intricately decorated walls


Being rich doesn’t mean that you don’t like saving a dollar every now an then, but Jean Paul Getty was so notoriously frugal that he made his guests use pay phones for their outgoing calls. But maybe that’s how you end up saving enough to make one of the world’s greatest art collections?

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As an AWA Super Adventurer, we wanted to give you a very special, very exclusive look at our new book Accidentally Wes Anderson: Adventures. In addition to 200 stunning shots and stories in AWAA, there are 10 long-form Adventures touching every continent. Here is a peek at one of our faves on a private page, only accessible by the link below :) (PS: This is a combo of PDF straight from the book, and web page so you can read the whole thing — a bit of a hybrid, but we hope you enjoy!)

Thanks to everyone who has continued to tune in and support us! None of this would be possible without you, nor would it be as much fun. Here’s to 100 more! 🥂

❤️ Tiny Team AWA

Wally Koval, Amanda Koval, Morgan Gaudet, Grace Thornton, and of course - Dexter 🐶