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This Week: Let's Go to Nevada 🧳 Loneliest Road 🚗 and Not Your Average Office ✏️

📍 Nixon, Nevada 📸 Marjorie Becker

Did you know "The Silver State" is actually the largest gold-producing state in the U.S. and fourth-largest in the world!? A few other things that Nevada takes the lead in: the most mountain ranges of any state, the city with the most hotel rooms on earth (looking at you Las Vegas), and of course one of the most well known places to catch a glimpse of a flying saucer. See you out there! 🖖


🚗 Win your own Nevada Adventure!
🛑 More than a gas station
🩰 Dancing in the desert
🎲 A collection of collections


If you caught our latest Adventure with Travel Nevada, then you may know we’re sending one lucky Community member and travel buddy of their choice on their very own Nevadan Adventure. 2 flights, 5 nights, 1 car hire, $500 smackaroos and much more are up for grabs, so add your name to the list - and start mapping your itinerary.


Here at AWA we love a well preserved landmark. Not only do they add character to our cities, but they hold some incredible stories behind their facades. This Preservation Month, our amazing AWA Ambassador Matt Dickey is aiming to add a beloved Boston building to the Historic Preservation List.

To help Matt’s cause, AWA is donating $25 for every email containing a fun fact, photo, or personal story about a building that means a lot to you. Whether it is in your town or far away, click here to email us your favorites. We might even feature your photo or story in our next post, but either way you will be helping out in a big way!


T-Minus 8 days until we take off for the mountains of Switzerland! This time around we’ll be exploring the momentous museums and hospitable hotels that the Playground of Europe has to offer. Bopping from Zurich - Basel - Lausanne - Lugano - and of course Geneva - know of a good stop we should add to the itinerary? Let us know!

In Case You Missed It

They say that over-planning your trips could lead you to miss out on stumbling upon some great gems, and we couldn’t agree more. We’ve been known to slam on the brakes and make an unexpected stop when we’ve spotted something exciting in the distance. Here’s a look back at a few of our favorite roadside finds…

🦈 Sharknado remnants
🍞 World’s tiniest bakery
🎀 Perfectly pink theaters
📚 A library in two countries

Amargosa Opera House 📍 Death Valley, California 📸 Marjorie Becker

Marta Becket broke down on the outskirts of Death Valley in the 1960s. Once the prominent New York City performer’s car was fixed, instead of high-tailing it back to the Big Apple, she began performing at this Opera House in a town of four residents. She hand painted an extensive audience on the walls, and performed here daily, never leaving the small town from that day forward. The Opera House still stands — but for how long? — and the close-knit community continues to honor her legacy to this day…

Office of Collecting and Design 📍 Las Vegas, Nevada 📸 Marjorie Becker

This is no ordinary office. Here, the typical red-tape and pencil-pushing has been traded in for rather extensive collections of pencils, tape dispensers, dice, gum, and a seemingly endless list of little items from all over the world. Welcome to the Office of Collecting and Design, the most amazing museum we may have ever experienced, where you are counterintuitively encouraged to (gently) touch, pick up, feel, and enjoy the countless collections of extraordinarily ordinary items. Which drawer will you open first?

From the Community

Eureka Opera House 📍 Eureka, Nevada 📸 Andy Romanoff


AWA Ambassador Andy Romanoff took a long road trip of his own down Highway 50 — aka: “The Lonliest Road in America”. Along the way, he visited tiny towns, met many lovely locals, and explored how the loneliest road may not be so lonely after all…

Though we’re giving away a trip to Nevada, we of course won’t forget to also give away a little something for our favorite Secret Linkers.

This week’s seekers will be in the line up to win a set of Stamp Stickers (and of course 30 runner ups receiving their very own AWA sticker)- Happy searching!