🐶 The Dog Days of AWA | Bulletin #99

This week: New Exhibition ☀️ Community Companions 🐄 and a Furry Criminal 🛶

St Francis of Assisi Church 📍 Berastagi, Indonesia 📸 Kevin Bonaventura

What kind of pet namer are you? Do you prefer human names like Jeff or Bev, or perhaps you go for the last food you ate and name your new kitten Nugget?

To help narrow down an endless number of names, the National Canine Society of France designates a letter of the alphabet for all puppies born that year. For owners who want to register their pups for shows, they must comply with the lettered naming convention, helping the Society note when the dog was born.

This year’s pup parents will have to get creative with the letter V … Vinnie, Vito, Vivian!


🎥 We’re Coming to LA!
🐶 AWA’s Best Friend
🛶 One Fluffy Thief
🐈 Exploring the “Soul” of Istanbul


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Exclusive Announcement for the AWA Bulletin Super Adventurers: Later this month, we are touching down in the City of Angels with an AWA Exhibition at the Santa Monica Art Museum! Watch out LA, a new star is born ⭐️ Get more information about our Los Angeles Exhibition here. 

In Case You Missed It

From man’s best friend to a music store’s very own iguana, find out how our furry (or scaly) friends continue to make us smile every day.

🎸 Part music store, part zoo 
👯‍♀️ Double taking on our favorite corgi
🍺 Dexter’s first Adventure
🦆 Quaky pest control 

Lake Tekapo 📍 South Island, New Zealand 📸 Frida Berg

The breathtaking views, crystal clear waters, and primetime stargazing of the Mackenzie Basin of New Zealand is all thanks to an unlikely source: a sheep dog’s criminal activity…

📍 Istanbul, Turkey 📸 Evynne Doue

The city that shares two continents also shares its space with hundreds of thousands of four-legged felines. One thing’s for sure: If you were a cat, you would want to live in Istanbul…

From the Community

If you’re anything like us, you worship your pet everyday. But today, maybe pamper them a little extra because it’s National Pet Day! We’ve pulled together a selection of our favorite pets from the Submissions: cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, iguanas, mini horses, and everything in between — all pets are welcome! So take a peek below and if you have a pic of your pet, send it our way. 

This week we’re giving away something to jot down your thoughts on. 

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