🍀 A Bulletin? It’s Your Lucky Day! | Bulletin #97

This week: castle bartering 🏰 history of pubs🍻 and farmer cable cars 🚠

Dublin Area Rapid Transit 📍 Dublin, Ireland 📸 Carolyn Barr

In honor of Pi Day and St. Patrick’s festivities, we want to remind you of the old saying “Don’t drink and derive.” At least we think that’s how that one goes…
If not driving, consider snagging a ticket to the closest rail line. With service running all year in Dublin’s Rapid Area Transit green chairs will have you in the mood no matter what day it is ☘️


🍀 March Madness (not that kind)
🖼️ AWA Exhibitions Aplenty
🍻 Exploring Pubs
🚡 Gondolas for Farmers?

In Case You Missed It

We’re raising our glasses to a roundup of some of our favorite pubs and pints we think deserve a spot on your bucket list.

🍸 A Collection of Curious Cocktails
🇮🇪 Ireland’s Perfect Pint
🚂 Grand Central’s Secret Bar 
🍺 Watering Hole for a Community

More AWA Exhibitions are on the horizon ☀️ so be sure to check our updates, or feel free to let us know where we should pop up next 🙌

From the Community

🧳 Credit to: Ivan Inozemtsev

Someone recently told us about a site called Dribbble that designers use to connect and be inspired by talented creatives from all over. We were just chuffed to see that quite a few artists have taken inspiration from AWA and even created incredible works inspired by locations we’ve featured over the years. Definitely worth a peek!

📸 Credit to: @tomfake, @mkslens_, @thisisfingland81, & @marjoriebeckerphoto

Where does the word “pub” come from? From the most popular pub name to the oldest pub in the world, we took a deep dive into the history of these charming watering holes and pulled together some fun facts for you to share over a pint…

Farmer Cable Cars 📍 Engelberg, Switzerland 📸 Marjorie Becker

Did you know that gondolas aren’t just for skiing? While some agriculturalists need a tractor or combine harvester to do their farming, for others, a gondola is part of the tool kit. Home to the largest concentration of cable cars in the world, this mountainous region takes farming to new heights…

Dia dhuit secret link seekers! For those of you who may not know that is “hello” in the gaeilge (not Gaelic), otherwise known as the Irish language. To celebrate both pie day and St. Patrick’s Day we decided on something green for this week’s prize.