🍎 How 'bout them apples? | Bulletin #93

This week: hang out with Team AWA 🎟️ retro ringing ☎️ and a bubbly family dynasty 🍾

Apple Barn 📍 Lafayette, NY USA 📸 Andrew Phillips

Did you know Johnny Appleseed was a real life character? No, really! Born in Massachusetts in 1774, John Chapman cultivated thousands of trees from Pennsylvania to Illinois, by hand, with a big sack of apple seeds. But, these apples weren’t for eating. Thanks to a bizarre law, planting 50 apple trees made you a landowner, so the enterprising Chapman slang his seeds just ahead of settlers, then sold them his newly budding orchards before moving on to more undeveloped land. So, less fruit fan than savvy businessman. How ‘bout them apples?


🎟️ Meet us in London!
☎️ Cue the Hold Music
🧩 Peeking Under your Trees
🍎 Sparkling Cider for the Ages


We’ve teamed up with our architecturally awesome BFFs at DLR Group to launch a very new collection on our website: Architectural Wonders and we want to add your photos! Head here to learn more about our upcoming collection and submit your very own photos for a chance to be featured.


Team AWA will be touching down at Heathrow and on Friday, January 26th, we’re hosting a panel event at our London Exhibition with the incredible Jeffrey Czum, AWA’s Chief Adventure Photographer Marjorie Becker, and curious cocktails courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin served up by the literal best bartender in the world, Giorgio Bargiani. Wanna join? Head here to for a chance to win tickets.

In Case You Missed It

Ring ring ring! We’ve added a new collection to our website aptly titled: Hello? Although we may use a modernized version of these handheld devices every day, we’re throwing it back and honoring some retro phones of the past, just don’t forget your quarters 🪙

🌊 Calling from the Sea
🚂 A Typeface Just for Phones
🌈 Rainbows and Telephones
🏔️ A Chat with a View


81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington | Open Now
Our first full-scale European exhibition is open in London! Immerse yourself in an IRL experience of AWA proportions. Not enough to convince you to visit? Don’t take our word for it, the reviews speak for themselves! Details here.

Johnny Appleseed isn’t the only American legend when it comes to the delicious red fruit. For over 150 years, Martinelli’s sparkling cider has survived the American Prohibition and decades of societal changes by gracing the dinner tables of almost every American home. But this tale starts not at the dining room table, but with two Swiss brothers who came for the American gold rush and found themselves panning for something they never expected…

From the Community

From top left: @bnchinohills, @deskofdanielle, @leema.library, @rebekah.town, @graceisbooked, & @mononchiie


We know the holidays are over, but we’re still beaming from seeing you give (and receive!) our favorite AWA items as gifts. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite gift-giving photos from one Adventurer to another, and although we may be a bit biased, it seemed to be a holiday of epic AWA proportions 🎁

Per a certain newsletter poll, the people have spoken: this week’s Secret Link Grand Prize is an AWA Postal Pin Set! And of course, the runner up prizes consist of our favorite AWA stickers. Get searchin’!

New here? Have no idea what we’re talking about? You can find a guide to all things Secret Link™️ here.


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