🦭 67 Million Walruses & 1 Wallace | Bulletin #103

This Week: Cloud Gazing 🌥️ Sarcastic Photographers 📸 and Wonderful Watercolors 🖌️

Farol de Cacilhas📍 Almada, Portugal 📸 Charlotte Chastagnaret

They may look fluffy and weightless, but those big white clouds are actually pretty hefty. In fact, your average fluffy clouds clocks in at around a million tonnes — or approximately 67 million full-grown walruses. All those little water droplets really add up!


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☁️ For crying out cloud!
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Calling all photographers, non-photographers, & anyone who knows how to work a smart phone… The Flow Photo Contest is going on now- and there’s only one day left to enter. $40,000 in cash prizes available with five different categories — adventure, happy, water, film, human. Hurry now because the contest ends on June 7th at 11:59:59 PM EST 📸 Good luck!

In Case You Missed It

A cloud can be a photographer’s best friend 🌤️, or their worst nightmare. ⛈️ Today we’re flashing back to a look at a few of our fluffy favs and some of the best places for cloud spotting.

☁️ Cloud appreciation society
😶‍🌫️ Antarctic nebulas
👀 Why we should look at clouds
☀️ A lighthouse in the sky

📸 @manuskript, @chasefleming, @mashawakka, @nelmuriel, @oldcity__newme & @itsall.abt

In 1889 the Eiffel Tower was unveiled at the World's Fair in Paris (aka: The Exposition Universelle). Four years later, Chicago was on deck to host the next World's Fair and undertook a nearly impossible task: out-Eiffel the Eiffel Tower….


From real-life rockstar to published photographer and experienced tech professional, our friend Jeffrey Czum has a heckofa resume. He’s been part of every AWA publication (he's really just THAT good), and continues to amaze us with his creative expertise. He also happens to be an all-around awesome human. Join us as we interview the Buffalo, New York native and discuss everything from gourmet dog food to Jeff's words of wisdom.

From the Community


Community member Camille Pontabry shares with us her watercolor illustrations of iconic AWA locations. From Hotel Opera to the Starlite Motel, see how some of our very favorite locations go 2-D…

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